Nov 08 2018

Many congratulations to all of our grant awardees. 

Dr Matthew Hall

Dr Matthew Hall, Department of Politics and International Relations, has been awarded £89,807, from the ESRC, for their project entitled; 'Citizens 3.0 – Who should control the powerful technologies that govern our lives?'.

Dr Greta Morando

Dr Greta Morando, Deoartment of Economics, has been awarded £106,663, from the ESRC, for their project entitled; 'Human capital accumulation and skills formation among natives and migrants in the UK'.

Professor Phil Meeson

Professor Phil Meeson, Department of Physics, has been awarded £253,906, from Euramet, for their project entitled; 'Josephson travelling wave parametric amplifier and its application for metrology (ParaWave)'.

Dr Nicola Scarselli and Professor Ken McClay

Dr Nicola Scarselli and Professor Ken McClay, Department of Earth Sciences, has been awarded £90,000, from OMV New Zealand Ltd, for their project entitled; 'The tectonic evolution of the Hikurangi accretionary prism and Pegasus basin offshore the east coast of New Zealand'.

Dr Sara Bernardini

Dr Sara Bernardini, Department of Computer Science, has been awarded £15,868, from the EPSRC, for their project entitled; 'Shared Autonomy via Robust Task Planning and Argumentation -SHARPA'.

Dr Alexander Dickson

Dr Alexander Dickson, Department of Earth Sciences, has been awarded £19,792, from The Royal Society, for their project entitled; 'A mineral specific archive of past ocean oxygenation'.