Oct 06 2017

Royal Holloway is a Stonewall Diversity Champion and is committed to ensure that LGBT staff and all people and diverse groups with multiple identities and individual differences are recognised and valued.

Stonewall runs an annual Workplace Equality Index (WEI), a rigorous LGBT benchmarking tool. The College will be participating in the WEI 2018. The outcome of this will help the College measure performance and progress with regards to creating an inclusive and accepting environment for all, not just LGBT staff. Analysis of findings will enable us reflect on cultures and practices, and help the College take targeted action to respond to issues identified.

To supplement submissions, Stonewall runs the biggest LGBT-focussed employment survey in the country, which had over 60,000 responses in 2015. Other than promoting the survey, there is no data analysis or work involved for the College and respondents cannot be identified through responses.  The survey commenced on Monday 3 July 2017 and closes on Friday 3 November 2017.

All staff are invited to participate in the survey which will take about 10 minutes to complete. The survey can be accessed here. Respondents will need the four digit code, 1524 for Royal Holloway.