Oct 25 2018

As many of you will be aware, since September, we have been consulting on the proposed move to a School-based structure.  After a good debate, Academic Board yesterday agreed to recommend to Council the dissolution of the current Faculty structure and to replace it with six Schools.   

The six Schools are currently called School of Business and Management, School of Performing and Digital Arts, School of Engineering and Physical Science, School of Humanities, School of Law and Social Science, School of Life Science and the Environment. More detail on the Departments that make up each School can be found here.

In making this change, our ambition is to enhance the student experience and to give newly-created Schools greater control over their resources.   As well as changes to academic structures, there will be accompanying changes to decision-making committees which will enable the new Schools to have more involvement in strategic decision-making.  Together these changes will contribute to making us stronger, more flexible and more able to respond to change and new ideas.

Academic Board recognised the opportunities a new structure would enable, as well as the risks in the transition period.   It has flagged a number of risks in the move to a school-based structure and the implications for academic administration.  It was agreed that plans would be continue to be developed to mitigate these risks, as well as protecting ‘business as usual’.

Council Executive will be briefed on the outcome of Academic Board on 1 November and Council will meet on 22 November to confirm the new structure.

Thank you for your engagement to date, we will keep you updated as we further develop our plans and you will be able to read more in the Principal’s message in the staff newsletter on Tuesday 30 October.