Sep 12 2017

College members are reminded that nominations for the award of honorary fellowships of the College and honorary degrees of the University of London conferred by the College are invited and will close at midday on Monday 9 October 2017. 

Nominations forms are available here: 

Nomination form for an honorary fellowship 

Nomination form for an honorary degree of the University of London

Please forward nominations or any questions to 

Further information about Honorary Awards 

Who might be awarded an honorary fellowship of the College? 

The award of a fellowship of the College is at the behest of the College Council. Nominations for the award may be made by any member of College following a procedure and criteria agreed by the Council Executive Committee. 

The detailed criteria that are applied for the award of an honorary fellowship are included in Appendix 1, however in general, nominees for a fellowship are expected to have given considerable service to the College far exceeding the requirement of any role, paid or otherwise, either in employment or associated with the College. It would also be expected that the relationship will continue, because of the history of loyalty and commitment to the College, and that this would be beneficial for the College. 

A nominated fellow would therefore be an individual who is already well known to the College and would continue to be involved in College life

Who might be nominated to receive an honorary degree of the University of London? 

An honorary degree of the University of London is conferred by the College and the names of individuals nominated have to be approved by The University of London. The view of College Academic Board on individual nominations is sought before consideration by Council Executive Committee and final consideration and approval by Council. 

The detailed criteria for the award of honorary degrees of the University of London by the Colleges are Regulation 2, paragraphs 16-18, which can be found on the University of London website

However, as an overview, the conferring of an honorary degree of the University of London by the College would be in recognition of an individual’s outstanding academic achievement in their field of expertise. It may also be in recognition of the application of the individual’s knowledge and intellectual ability for the benefit, or the potential, that it offers to society and with which the College would like to be associated or be seen to support. 

It should be noted that an honorary degree will not be conferred on a person whose contribution or achievements lie chiefly in service to the College, and will not normally be conferred on someone who is already an honorary fellow of the College. 

A person nominated for an honorary degree may not necessarily be someone known for their strong connections with the College but would be someone who is preeminent in their field with whom College may want to be associated. 

The names of past recipients of both honorary awards can be found online

What is the nomination and conferring process for each award? 

For either honorary award; 

· A College member may nominate one individual for an award in a year. 

· A College member may second one individual for an award in a year. · A completed form for each nomination should be returned to 

· It is not a requirement to complete every question on the form – it may not be relevant to your nomination. 

Nomination form for an honorary fellowship 

Nomination form for an honorary degree of the University of London 

· Once the University of London has approved potential nominees for honorary degrees Academic Board gives its views on these nominations and Vice Principals/Deans will be invited to provide additional comments prior to the Council Executive Committee meeting. 

· In order to avoid disappointment or embarrassment nominations should not be discussed with candidates. 

The closing date for nominations for awards in 2018 is midday on Monday 9 October 2017.

Appendix 1: Criteria for the award of Honorary Fellowships of the College.

Nominees will not be in employment or a student of the college at the time of nomination. 

Nominees must: 

· already have a connection with the College – this may be as alumni, parents of students, supporters of academic, commercial or strategic causes of the College 

· show loyalty and commitment to the College and be willing to continue their involvement in College life 

· have profile, influence and/or contacts which can be used to advance the cause of the College rather than the other way round. 

Nominees might: 

· have achieved something the College wishes to be associated with, be that as a local resident or on the world stage 

· have specialist knowledge or expertise which they are willing to share with the College in some way 

· be someone who has already given considerable support to the College and the award is in recognition of this. However, in this case, there must be some way in which they will continue to support the College, even if only by the association of their name. 

Nominees will usually be expected to: 

· attend College functions as often as possible 

· promote the College whenever they can, using their networks to advance the College’s cause 

· share some skill or expertise with the College or give time to help with particular activities. 

Approved by Council 4 March 2015