Apr 26 2019

Want to be a tester for a Virtual/Augmented Reality experience? Local creative companies are competing as part of the StoryFutures Heathrow/Costa Innovation event at Royal Holloway on the 16th May, pitting their outputs against each other to find the winning idea. They need your help to decide how to improve their experiences before they pitch. The winning team will be installing their prototype experience in Heathrow airport T5 later this year.

We need you to come to the Shilling Building on the 16th May for 11am for coffee/tea, and then to chat to the teams between 11:15-12:15. We’ll compensate each of you for your insights with £15 Amazon vouchers.

We’re looking for a diverse bunch, and are keen for all age-groups to get in contact, irrespective of whether or not English is your first language.

Email me at andy.woods@rhul.ac.uk to lodge your interest. Please only get in contact though if you know you can make it on the 16th between 11 – 12:15.
With warm regards,

Andy, from the @StoryFutures team.

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