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Dec 03 2019

Supporting scholarships with the Big Give

Today is Giving Tuesday, one of Britain's biggest days for charities, raising millions of pounds for good causes.
Nov 26 2019

Post-Council Strategy update

Thomas Holloway wrote in the Founding Deeds of the College that the education offered "should be founded on those studies and sciences which the experience of modern times has shown to be the most valuable, and the best adapted to meet the intellectual and social requirements of the students."
Nov 19 2019

Let's talk about sustainability

We know that climate change and sustainability are important issues for our students and colleagues.
Nov 12 2019

Framing the Future round-up

Over the last six weeks we have heard from speakers on a variety of topics, as we prepare to start the development of the new College strategy.
Nov 05 2019

Graduate Futures

Much of the debate about university education over the last few years has moved away from ideas such as 'public good' towards narrower economic definitions of value, such as graduate employment and salary level for graduates.
Oct 29 2019

Service for the Future

In tomorrow's final live event in the Framing the Future series, we are examining 'Service for the Future', exploring a range of issues and challenges around the theme of service that will need to inform our thinking as we address our next College-level strategic plan.
Oct 22 2019

The Engaging University

This week the Framing the Future series examines Royal Holloway's place as a university that reaches beyond our campus.
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