Sep 12 2017
Saturday 16 September is the first day of arrivals weekend, marking the beginning of Welcome Week and the start of the 2017/18 academic year.

Over the weekend students will move into halls of residence across the campus and, when the first week of teaching begins, more than 3,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students will begin their studies with us.

This year students will officially open the George Eliot Hall, our new town house style residences on the north campus.  Our whole community was involved in naming the residences, and we thought it was therefore appropriate for those very first students who will live in the Hall to be the ones to open it officially. 

The design of the new Hall is quite different to any that we have on campus.  They have been designed in response to the feedback that students are looking for accommodation that offers an experience that more closely matches shared living. The town house design, therefore, includes a living room area and shared bathrooms, one per floor, rather than en suite. Here you can see what each townhouse looks like inside.

Many of our students represent the initial intake onto new courses; BA Dance, MSc Elections Campaigns and Democracy, BSc Management with Digital Innovation and LLB Law and Criminology. We are also expecting to welcome more than 25 students to our new Department of Electronic Engineering.

Returning students will see a remarkable difference in our campus; by the time they arrive the Emily Wilding Davison Building and Founder’s Square will be open, and the area outside of the Students’ Union will be transformed. The services and support available in the Davison Building and innovations introduced as a result of Student First are ones we expect to transform our student experience.

I’d like to thank everyone who is working hard to welcome our new and returning students. Arrivals weekend and the start of term is an exciting time and, the enthusiasm of new students reminds us all why we work hard to support them to succeed.   

Professor Paul Layzell