Oct 23 2018
Next week, our Staff Survey goes live and you will be able to share your feedback on working at Royal Holloway. The Staff Survey runs every two years and the results allow us to gain new insights and improve understanding on what’s working well at the College, and what aspects need some focus and attention.

For the 2016 Staff Survey, workshops were held in the following February and March, with each department, to discuss both themes at a College-level and their own departmental results. The College-level data was then analysed to produce six priorities. These were discussed at my Open Meeting at the end of March, and were also put into a simple survey via the intranet for people to choose which of the six priorities were their top three. These were; a clearer shared purpose and priorities, which in turn can inform resource management, greater understanding and collaboration between departments and better staff facilities. Initiatives that came from these priorities include cascading College priorities as part of the new PDR process, the opening of the staff marketplace which is held after inductions to all colleagues, and the development of the old Founder’s east reading room as a staff and PGR student space. You can also read about some departments’ updates on actions from the last survey on the intranet. For this year’s survey, the plan is to encourage departments to have more discussion about their own results and the development of an action plan. Department workshops will also give an opportunity to have conversations around College-level results, which will be discussed in more detail at my Open Meeting in the summer term.

The survey runs between Monday 29 October and Friday 16 November and is completely confidential. By getting involved, you’ll contribute to identifying the areas for prioritisation that matter most to you. If you’d like to find out more about the Staff Survey, you can visit the staff intranet. I’m committed to hearing everyone’s voice and I’d urge you to once again have your say, but don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a video of some of our colleagues explaining why they will be taking part in the Staff Survey. Thank you in advance for joining in.
Professor Paul Layzell