Jun 26 2018
Our College strives to be a community that inspires individuals to succeed.  To achieve this, we have a responsibility to ensure that all colleagues are able to perform to the best of their ability and develop their potential. To enable success, it’s important for all of us to have an opportunity to look back on what has been achieved during the year and to set objectives for the next year. It’s also useful to identify personal development opportunities and to take some time to focus on individual career aspirations.

Our appraisal process had been in place since 2014 and while it went some way towards achieving these aims and had a relatively high completion rate, feedback from across the College indicated that it wasn’t meeting our needs. The process was felt to be repetitive, overly complicated and did not align well with other performance and development processes such as the academic promotion process.

In response, the Organisational Development team conducted a survey of staff and facilitated two working groups, one representing academic colleagues and one colleagues from Professional Services to develop a new review approach. 

The Performance Development Review (PDR) that each group has developed will be implemented for 2018. Each process has been designed to enable an individual to review their performance with their manager and provide a structure for an open two-way discussion.

It is important that all colleagues understand their individual contribution to the College priorities. The new format now includes details of the College priorities for the year so that each of us can relate our individual objectives to these and contribute to their achievement.

Professor Paul Layzell