Nov 07 2017
Universities spend a lot of time gathering and responding to student feedback and insights. This so called ‘Student Voice’ activity can be part of a national benchmarking survey, like the National Student Survey. It can also be something tailored for Royal Holloway, to help us improve how we do things here for students. 

Hearing and acting on your Staff Voice is just as important to me.  Many of you contact me directly to make recommendations for change, or to suggest new initiatives. I welcome and encourage this approach. You will also be aware that work is underway to respond to the Staff Engagement Survey that we took part in about a year ago. I will be reporting back on the progress of this soon.

This month, I am asking many of you to share your voice through another forum.  Royal Holloway is taking part in a service effectiveness survey.  The survey, known as UniForum, is being run across multiple institutions in October and November. By taking part in the Service Effectiveness Survey we can both identify opportunities to improve our processes, systems and capabilities and make comparisons between ourselves and other HEIs who are also taking part.  

The first part of the effectiveness survey opened yesterday and is open until 24 November. The second part will be held in Spring 2018.

If you are asked to take part in the survey, please take the time to complete it. Colleagues who are not contacted to fill in the survey can still feedback through The results of the survey will give us very valuable insights about how we operate, and how we can make the best use of the resources available to us to support our academic purpose. 

Professor Paul Layzell