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Find out about our College committees


If you are looking for information about College Committees and Committees of the Council, including their purpose, recent meeting minutes and the dates for future meetings, you’re in the right place.

If you have any questions or require further information about committees, please contact the Secretariat. Here’s a list of Council Committees and committee members for your reference too.

Calendar of College meetings




Academic board

The Academic Board reports to the College Council, which is responsible for the overall strategy and policy-making process at Royal Holloway. The board comprises a chairman (Principal Paul Layzell) and ex officio members (the Deputy Principal, Vice Principals and the Director of Library Services)

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The purpose of the Audit and Compliance Committee is, on behalf of the Council, to satisfy itself that the College is being managed within recognised financial and legal requirements. Click here for updates from recent meetings 


equality and diversity committee

This Committee recommends and monitors the College's Equality and Diversity Strategy. Click here for the minutes of recent meetings


finance committee

The Finance Committee scrutinises finances and controls expenses, whilst also advising the Planning and Resource Committee on the financial implactions of the financial expenditure. For recent minutes, click here 


Health and Safety Management Committee

This Committee has been established under the delegated authority of the Principal, with the purpose of developing and managing the College’s health and safety policy and strategy. The Committee also monitors the health and safety performance of the College, reviews incidents and provides a forum for obtaining input from management and representatives of the Health and Safety Office on the development and direction of health and safety at the College.

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health, safety and wellbeing assurance committee 

The Health. Safety and Wellbeing Assurance Committee ensures that the College is managing all activities in accordance with its responsibilites in respect of the health and safety of staff, students, and any other persons who could be affected by such activities. Click here for minutes of recent meetings



Health and safety consultative GROUP

The Health and Safety Consultative Group offers a formal means for staff and students to contribute to a progressive health and safety culture across the College. Read the latest minutes from meetings with key representatives across the College


investment sub committee

The Investment Sub Committee oversees, directs and controls the College's endowments and fixed asset investments. Follow the link for news and progress on College investments


IT Strategy board 

The IT Strategy Board oversees the development of the College's IT strategy and the delivery of IT services to best meet our needs and those of our students. Find out more and read the minutes from recent meetings


Teaching and Learning Strategy committee

The purpose of the Teaching and Learning Srategy Committee is to approve the Teaching Strategy and action plan and to monitor the delivery of both through setting annual goals and prioritising initiatives which enhance the student experience as it relates to teaching, learning and assessment.


research degrees programmes committee

The purpose of the Research Degrees Programmes Committee is to develop, enhance and evaluate the experiences of research students and their supervisors. Click here for the minutes from the recent meetings 


The Quality Assurance and Standards Committee

The Quality Assurance and Standards Committee exists to oversee the delivery of the University’s quality assurance framework and identify areas for strategic enhancement in this area, whilst ensuring engagement with external Quality Assessment Frameworks. Read the agenda and minutes from recent meetings here.