GDPR Training

Find out more about the mandatory GDPR training which must be carried out by all colleagues across the College.

The College has a duty to carry out UK GDPR training for all staff, both on induction, and periodically thereafter.

The UK General Data Protection Regulation (‘UK GDPR’) legislation puts your rights at the heart of all data processing and requires us to be more transparent and accountable about how we process your data.

We also need everyone to play their part to ensure the College is compliant with the legislation and this starts with you completing the data protection training available on Moodle.

The GDPR training is available on Moodle, and will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. The training covers the following areas

  • Data Protection Matters!
  • What the law says.
  • Putting it into practice.
    • Records management
    • Data sharing
    • Information Security
    • Requests for personal information
  • Short Test and Data Protection Essentials certificate


UK GDPR training is part of the College's new starter induction and covers the essential elements that each staff member requires, to ensure they are being UK GDPR compliant.

Periodic training

Our Data Protection Essentials training was recently updated as a result of the UK leaving the EU and it is important that all colleagues receive up to date UK GDPR training.  All colleagues are required to complete this mandatory training by Friday 23 April 2021. You can access the online training directly through Moodle.

GDPR Training on Moodle

You can access the GDPR training here.