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Find out who is linking to your research online. Support your research communication and engagement activities. Evidence your impact. 

What it is

Altmetric Explorer (AE) for Institutions is an innovative tool that tracks links to Royal Holloway’s research outputs in key non-academic sources online. It is based on our research outputs in Pure that have ISBNs or DoIs (their unique identifiers). You can find a summary of the tool on this link.

AE can be useful in the following ways:

  • Find links ("mentions") to their research outputs in non-academic sources such as social media platforms, major news and policy sources and influential blogs - updated daily
  • Use this information to:
    • Find out which influencers, communities and outlets are engaging with their work, to support knowledge exchange activities and plans
    • Understand which topics and papers have traction in non-academic sources - whether for their own research outputs, or those of other researchers in the field
    • Collect evidence of impact and engagement, for example, for REF case studies.
  • Directors of Impact and Directors of Research can view the overall picture of engagement with their department's research to support communications, impact and engagement strategies. 
  • Marketing and Communications, Research and Enterprise and Library teams will also benefit from access to this data for their respective work in research communication, engagement and impact.

How it works

AE tracks links to research outputs. For a link or “mention” to be tracked and those mentions to be attributed to an author at Royal Holloway:

  • The research output needs to have a unique identifier added in Pure (such as the ISBN or DOI) with a “Published” or "Epub ahead of print" status, and be on a publisher’s site that AE tracks (most major publishers are covered)
  • The mention of the research needs to have a direct link to the output (an exception: in policy documents and patents, AE is able to “text mine” i.e. identify research based on some word combinations)
  • The mention needs to be in one of the key sources that AE tracks (main social media, news, key policy sources, influential blogs and websites such as Wikipedia, etc. – not every page on the internet!)

AE thus shifts the emphasis from the individual researcher, to the underpinning research outputs. It also encourages us to link to research outputs - so that others can find them too.

Low mention counts don’t mean that research isn’t being talked about. AE does not record every time someone says something about our research online – that’s not technically possible. It may be that people aren’t including links in the mention, or the output identifier information may be missing on the Pure record, or the output may have no identifier at all (e.g. it’s a non-academic report).  

New links/mentions are updated daily; information from Pure (e.g. changes to research outputs, departments, etc.) is updated on a weekly basis.

The department listing provides a list of departments and research groups/centres. This does currently include former research groups which all have outputs linked to them in Pure, and we’re working on a solution to hide the former groups from the list.


To create your User ID please click here and follow instructions on that page.

If you already have a user ID, you can access Altmetric Explorer via this link..

User guidance

The five pager (bare basics to get you started)

Quick user guide (key features overview - recommended)

Full training slides (all the features)

Training and support

Questions and answers portal (you'll find lots of questions already answered!)

We will run termly training sessions, the next ones are on Wednesday 16 January, from 12-1.30pm, in the International Building PC Lab 005. Please email to register. Basic lunch will be provided at these sessions.

 If you have questions about Royal Holloway's data, your outputs, or how to use the data for your impact and engagement activities, please email