Award Set Up


The research lifecycle has a number of indivdual processes, below is an examples of the various steps that contribute to an individual research project. 

Research Project

Each process has been divided into four stages

Pre Award:

  • Idea
  • Prepare application
  • Cost and price the project
  • Peer review
  • Internal approval process
  • Submit application


  • Outcome of application
  • Award set up
  • Contract signing and negotiations

 Post Award:

  • Project starts
  • Project management
  • Completion of project

 Follow on:

  • Outcomes and outputs
  • Impact
  • Commercial opportunities


A number of professional services and processes come together to ensure the successful execution of a research project, our joint goal.successful project

Below are links to webpages for the professional service or process listed in above:


Useful Links

The award section is designed to provide you with guidance regarding the next steps when a funder has supported an award. Please refer to the Award Manual, Contracts Manual and the one page guides for further information. If your grant has been successful please notify, please also contact us if a grant is unsuccessful and our Research Development Managers can discuss alternative routes.



Award Manual


Contracts Manual

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