Our Research and Innovation (R&I) department is split into four teams. You can find out more about our different teams, and who to contact in the pages below.

The team is led by Alicen Nickson, Director of Research and Innovation.

Below you will find contact information for each team: 


Research Services

The Research services team will provide support:

  • identifying and promoting new research funding opportunities
  • research capacity and culture building
  • leading institutional support for Research Integrity and Ethics development
  • assisting with research proposal development and funding strategies
  • targeted support for major, large interdisciplinary proposals and strategically important research grant proposals
  • managing institutional level peer review, demand management, and institutional led proposals
  • costing, pricing research proposals and workflow approvals
  • liaising with Research Finance to facilitate the research project administrative lifecycle from pre-award to post-award.
  • advising on policy and financial matters relating to research grant applications
  • managing PURE and producing management information on proposals and awards
  • global challenges strategy development and support
  • Research Support Fund (RSF)

Sue Starbuck

Head of Research Services

Dr Marcela Acuna Rivera

Research Development Manager (Providing support to Sciences)

Hanna Barclay

Research Grant Manager

Eliza Bailey

Research Services Officer (Providing support for applications funded by EU and International bodies)

Dr Christopher Daley

Research Development Manager (Providing support to Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)

Judyta Golding

Research Services Officer (Providing support to Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)

Dr Hilary Lynch

Global Challenges Strategy Manager

Kathryn Morley

Research Services Officer (Providing support to Sciences)

Emilia Siatrak

Research Information and Analysis Manager

Leisha Wickham

Grant Setup Manager

General enquiries

For general enquiries please contact researchservices@rhul.ac.uk 

Intellectual Property and Contracts (IPAC)

The Intellectual Property and Contracts team will provide support: 

  • negotiating and agreeing research contracts and grants on behalf of the College
  • research project risk management
  • facilitating project set-up for major awards
  • providing expert advice and support on intellectual property (IP) matters and management of the College’s patent portfolio
  • pre-award management of the University consultancy scheme

Dr Kamlesh Chauhan

Head Intellectual Property and Contracts

Gulbin Chaworth – Musters

Consultancy and Contracts Administrator

Dr Miranda Joyce

Contracts and IP Manager

Fay Kassibawi

Technology Transfer Manager

Jonathan Trapp

Contracts and IP Manager (Fixed Term)

General Enquires

For general enquiries please contact researchcontracts@rhul.ac.uk

Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise (KEE)

The Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise team will provide support:

  • building partnerships with industry and non-academic stakeholders to support the development of new research collaborations and impact generation
  • impact acceleration including support for commercialisation of research outcomes and funded routes to impact
  • regional engagement in support of College engagement with the Industrial Strategy
  • targeted support for College Enterprise & Innovation Institutes (EIEs)
  • development of new enterprise activities including a new incubation centre and support for PhD student enterprise
  • supporting existing and driving new activity to enhance future KEF performance

Mark Pearson

Head of Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise

Kristina Glushkova

Knowledge Exchange Manager – StoryFutures and Social Innovation

Dr Peter Palasz 

Knowledge Exchange Manager – Physical Technologies


Knowledge Exchange Manager – Culture and Heritage


Knowledge Exchange Manager – Biological Technologies

General enquiries

For general enquiries please contact knowledgeexchange@rhul.ac.uk

REF Operations

The REF Support team will provide support:

  • provide strategic advice and support to help secure the best possible performance for Royal Holloway
  • day-to-day organisation and direction for the planning, oversight and management of arrangements for REF 2021
  • collection and preparation of narrative and data components
  • systems and processes to manage and validate data
  • liaising with academic UoA REF leads on assessment and production of policy papers, briefings and reports
  • to oversee specific projects arising from discussions at the University’s REF Steering group
  • co-ordination of the REF Operations Group

Katherine Poole

REF Programme Manager

John Shepherd

REF Manager

Charlotte Thackeray

REF Support Officer

General enquiries

For general enquiries please contact REFadmin@rhul.ac.uk