Global Challenges Research Fund


Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is a £150 billion UK government initiative aimed at fostering research collaborations between UK institutions and institutions in Development Assistance Committee (DAC) listed countries to generate innovative solutions to intractable development issues. The UK government has funded GCRF by drawing down from the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget and seeks to use the fund to set the world on a path to sustainability while eradicating all forms of poverty. Research and Enterprise’s Global Challenges Strategy Manager, Dr Hilary Lynch, can provide further information, support and guidance with applications for GCRF, Newton Funding and other DAC listed related calls. Hilary is responsible for communicating GCRF funder calls and related news, as well as working with academics to enable the generation of ideas through events and workshops and the writing of cross disciplinary, challenged focussed research proposals. Please contact Hilary if you have research in a GCRF related area, are thinking of applying for GCRF, Newton or other related funding or simply require further GCRF information.

You can also keep up to date with GCRF related news and information through Royal Holloway GCRF Community on Yammer.

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