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The Research Project Management Team

The Research Project Management team provides project-based post-award support for complex research grants when costed into grant applications.

Royal Holloway’s 2021-24 Strategic Plan focuses upon the College’s potential for Challenge-led research and to develop Challenge-led research through the four Catalyst research themes. The College has recognised that these ambitions translate into complex research projects, that these projects require appropriate forms of research project management support to ensure that they are delivered successfully, and that project management support needs to be funded in a sustainable fashion. It is in this context that the Research Project Management Team has been established within Research and Innovation.

The team:

  • Provides project-based post-award support for complex research grants
  • Retains a corpus of knowledge of professional project management practices within the College and how these integrate with College processes and technical systems (e.g. Stonefish for recruitment, Agresso for procurement)
  • Supports the PI, from the time of grant set up, and acts as a consistent point of contact with other professional services within the College.
  • Supplements School support and reduces the administrative burden on academics
  • Ensures that the benefit of projects are maximised and delivered in line with funder and College expectations

How to access support from the Research Project Management team

  • Post-award project management support can be obtained via the grant application process.
  • The Research Services Officers (based in R&I) consult with the PI and the Project Management Team and cost in the appropriate % of post-award to the grant application (

If you have a query, wish to discuss a forthcoming application or scope support required, please feel free to contact the Research Project Management team directly.

Who’s who

Tracy Webster, Research Project Team Manager


Dr John Francis, Research Project Management Officer


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