Research Related Agreements


A “research related” agreement is any agreement which relates to:

  • College research income

             e.g. a company funded research project

  • use of a third party research input by the College

             e.g. under a material transfer agreement

  • use of a College research output by a third party

             e.g. under a license to a copyright protected work

  • use of College research infrastructure

             i.e. a technical services agreement to allow a third party to use College equipment

The College’s “Contracts Legal Review Procedure” sets out that the following research related agreements should be directed to Research Contracts:

  • academic collaboration/consortium agreements
  • assignments (of a College research output only)
  • college consultancy agreements
  • company formation agreements
  • commercial licences (of a College research output only)
  • data sharing agreements
  • evaluation licence (of a College research output only)
  • loan of equipment agreements
  • funding agreements (DTP and GCRF only)
  • material transfer agreements
  • non-disclosure agreements that relate to potential research projects or the potential licensing of a College research output
  • participant agreements (StoryFutures only)
  • patent ownership and management agreements
  • PhD student placement agreements (for unpaid placements of College funded students only)
  • project partner agreements
  • research collaboration/consortium agreements
  • studentship agreements
  • sub-contracts (only for universities in the context of grant funded research and government funded research)
  • technical services framework agreements (to use College facility only)
  • technical services agreements (to use College facility only)
  • winner agreements (StoryFutures only)
  • and any amendment/novation of any of the above. 



Research Contacts aim to acknowledge any new request within two working days and to prepare or review an agreement within ten working days.

If a request for an agreement has been passed to Research Contracts before other internal processes have been followed (e.g. co-funding for a studentship agreed by the Doctoral School, costing for a research project prepared and costing approval obtained by Research Services, or college consultancy form prepared and signed by Knowledge Exchange), Research Contracts will need to pass the matter to the other internal department before preparing or reviewing the relevant agreement.

Research Contracts check the content of each agreement both with the academic who is most closely associated with the relevant research and with other internal departments (e.g. data protection, finance, or insurance) before engaging with or responding to the external party.

Where possible Research Contracts will use its own template agreements.

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