PGR and Academic staff ethics review

Responsibilities of a researcher:

  • Ensure  their safety and that of  the research team members, especially if research is conducted off campus
  • Ensure the safety, dignity, rights, and well-being of participants
  • Uphold the reputation of the Institution and Researcher
  • Comply with data protection regulations
  • Clearly explain/identify the benefits of the research activity, project or study

 Questions to ask yourself:

  •  What is the researcher doing and why?
    • What are the benefits of your research?
  • Where will the activity take place?
    • Will activities take place off campus, how will ensure you have the same levels of safety for participants and researcher?
  • Who is involved?
    • Will this project require lone work, or is there a research team?
  • What is subject area?
    • Is the subject are highly sensitive?
  • What is the research design and method?
    • Will my chosen research method answer my question?
    • How have these minimised or mitigated potential risks? How will ethical issues be monitored over the course of the activity or project? How will you manage or monitor unforeseen issues?
  • Who is involved?
    • Will you project involve participants, who are they and how can you ensure their safety?

 Before submitting your application:

  • Has your research methodology reviewed as part of a peer review or by your supervisor?
  • Have you provided sufficient information and detail in order for a review to take place?
  • Have you provided sufficient supporting material?
  • Have you met your responsibilities?

Useful Links

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