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Research Ethics Risk Framework and mitigation protocols


This Research Ethics Risk Review Framework was developed by an academic-led Task & Finish group review into research ethics review processes at Royal Holloway that convened and reported in 2021.

The Task & Finish group acknowledged that it is impossible to anticipate all the risks associated with research. Nonetheless, the group identified the potential of a risk-based review framework to:

i)                    help to characterise the level of risk of research projects.

ii)                   implement more proportionate, efficient and timely review processes; and

iii)                 supplement research ethics application audit data with the category of risk.

This framework was created in consultation with guidance from professional bodies and processes adopted by other Higher Education Institutions but, as with those guidance and standards, it was written as an iterative document that is to be subject to ongoing review The REC subsequently decided that the framework, once implemented on 1 September 2022, will be subject to review every six months.

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Research Ethics Risk Review Framework

As part of your review of an application, you will be a required to make an assessment of the project risk level, using the framework against the submitted application.

Approved Mitigation Protocols

In October 2021 Royal Holloway's Research Ethics Committee approved the implementation of a mitigation protocol in which opt-out informed consent when working with children in schools or other childcare settings could be deemed appropriate. The committee is actively investigating whether other approved mitigation protocols may help to provide clearer guidance for researchers when conducting research that raises more complex considerations for research ethics.

AMP01 Parent-Guardian Opt-Out Consent Protocol for Research in Schools and Other Childcare Settings