Royal Holloway has access to an interactive training programme provided by Epigeum, accessible via Moodle (login credentials required).

In addition there are recordings of the following sessions:

Session Title


Session 1: Why is ethical research important?

This brief session explores the safety of the researcher, the research participants and impact on society.

Session 2: What do we mean by ethical research?

This brief session explores the commitments outlined in the Concordat to Support Research Integrity and researchers responsibilities.

Session 3: Ethics and the Research Lifecycle

This brief session explores when a researcher may identify and address ethical issues, throughout the research lifecycle, what are the ethical considerations and what may be considered high risk.

Session 4: Content of an ethics application – what reviewers are looking for?

This brief session explores the content of the ethics application from the perspective of an ethics reviewer.

Session 5: Royal Holloway ethical review process

This brief session explores the online review process, documents that should be included and questions to ask yourself before submission