Global Challenges Research Fund


What is GCRF?

Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is a £1.5 billion UK government initiative aimed at fostering research collaborations between UK institutions and institutions in Development Assistance Committee (DAC) listed countries to generate innovative solutions to intractable development issues. 

Research & Innovation's Global Challenges Strategy Manager, Dr Hilary Lynch, can provide further information, support and guidance with applications for GCRF, Newton Funding and other DAC listed related calls. Please contact Hilary if you have research in a GCRF related area, are thinking of applying for GCRF, Newton or other related funding, or simply require further GCRF information.

You can also keep up to date with GCRF related news and information through Royal Holloway GCRF Community on Yammer.

Our Recent Awards

British Academy, Heritage, Dignity and Violence Programme 2019: Crafting Heritage for Well-Being in Iraq, PI Dr Zena Kamash (RHUL), Co-I Dr Marie LaBrosse (AUIS), Co-I Dr Emma Palmer Cooper (University of Southampton) £227,814 - see announcement

Academy of Medical Sciences, GCRF Networking Grant Round 4, 2019: Infusing Law and Policy with the Voices of Displaced Survivors of Sexual Violence in Conflict, Prof Jill Marshall (RHUL), Dr Josephine Ndagire (Makerere University, Uganda) £24,975 - see announcement

Academy of Medical Sciences, GCRF Networking Grant Round 4, 2019: Understanding the Food Chain of Teff (Eragrostis tef) and the Application of Seed Technology in Teff Farming in Ethiopia, Professor Gerhard Leubner, Dr Tina Steinbrecher, Dr Ivica Petrikova (RHUL), Mr Said Mohammed Hassen (Debre Berhan University, Ethiopia) £24,999 - see annoucement

GCRF ESRC Hubs 2018: GCRF South-South Migration, Inequality and Development Hub, PI Prof Heaven Crawley (Lead, Coventry University), Co-I Prof Hari G Harindranath, Prof Tim Unwin (RHUL) £688,000 - see announcement

GCRF Royal Academy of Engineering, Frontiers in Development Tranche-2, 2019: WASH environments, sanitation policies and health outcomes during the first 2000 days of life, PI Melanie Luhrmann, (RHUL), Co-I Dr Isaac Akinwumi (Covenant University, Nigeria) £20,000 - see announcement

Internal GCRF funding opportunities


The following funding opportunities are available for early career researchers, mid to senior career academics, and for academics who have existing development projects and wish to show in-country impact through follow-on impact funding.

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Global Visitors Scheme Application form
Follow-on Impact Scheme

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GCRF Fellowship Application form

Applying for GCRF funding?

For more information on the application process, see Preparation and Approvals & Submission for more guidance.

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