Technology Transfer


We work with academics from all the schools at Royal Holloway to take their research projects and innovative ideas through the commercialisation process so they can be transformed into commercially viable technologies that provide added value in various industries and walks of life.

 The route of innovative ideas to the market place, is challenging and often hampered with legal and commercial complexities.  Hence, we  carry a set of activities to protect innovations through this journey such as IP Management, Evaluation and market validation, and engagement with potential end-users   

 Route to Tech Transfer 2

Whether you are at ideation stage, or already have developed a technology, it is never too late or too early to tap into our services (get in touch/request our advice/engage with the Research and Innovation)

Tech transfer path

We endeavour to take your innovative ideas through the commercialisation process to  mature into  commercial product and services

Tech transfer path2

Our aim is to foster a culture where we can pro-actively engage in steps to progress innovations through the commercialization pipe-line

TT progress projects through a systematic and transparent  process that is  aligned with technology development

Commercialisation pipeline

We believe that successful commercialisation is the outcome of positive collaboration between the researcher and the IP and Contract Team.

If you have an innovative idea that you think may have commercial application, please contact us directly, or complete the Invention Disclosure Form.  

 Our Services

The TT office offers a set of services that accelerates and protect the journey of innovative ideas from lab to market:

  • Evaluation of opportunity
  • Define value proposition and application
  • Develop a suitable commercial strategy that is aligned on the College’s IP Policy
  • IP management
  • Access to suitable funding programs
  • Guide on the College’s IP Policy
  • Engagement with collaborators/investors and industry

Negotiation of commercial agreement

For further information regarding Technology Transfer please review our brief guide to technology tranfser. For further information please contact Fay Kassibawi.

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