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Research Related Policies

Please see below for a repository of our current research related policy documents.
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Research Services Policies

Statement on research performance expectations

What standards do I need to conform to as a researcher?

See also Our Future – the Royal Holloway Strategic Plan 2013-2020.

Code of Good Research Practice

Guidelines on good practice for researchers.

Research Costing and Pricing Policy

The requirement for Full Economic Costing for all research projects, policy on Pricing Exceptions, and internal approvals.

Intellectual Property & Commercial Partnering

Intellectual Property & Commercial Partnering Policy 

Definitions and ownership of intellectual property

Intellectual Property & Commercial Partnering Framework 

Framework of responsibilities and obligations when working with IP and commercial and non-commercial partners 

Consultancy Policy

Support and procedures at the College to encourage College based consultancy, and procedures for staff wishing to carry out private consultancy to mitigate risk.

Income Waiving Policy

Guidance on the process through which staff may waive their right to receive income in favour of the College.

Research Ethics & Data Management

Research Ethics Policy and Guidance Documents 

How ethical review can be acquired and what is required at each stage of the process.

Research Data Management Policy

A strategic framework for the management of data generated by research projects at Royal Holloway.

Other related policies:

Data Protection Policy

Data Backup Policy

Open Access Publication Policy

Records Retention Policy

Personal Data Breach Reporting Procedure

Research Participant Privacy Notice

Anti-Bribery Policy

Definition of bribery, the law, and staff responsibilities.

Conflict of Interest Policy 2016

College impartiality, and managing conflicts of interest.

Code of Practice for Inquiry into Allegations of Misconduct in Relation to Academic Research and Scientific Activity

College expectations for good practice, providing a framework for staff and students carry out their academic work.

Regulation of investigatory powers act / freedom of information statement and procedures

Guidelines to compliment the full Freedom of Information (FOI) and Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) advice.

Tobacco industry funding

A Joint Protocol of Cancer Research and Universities UK.

Policy for Institutes and Research Centres

Research Centres, Research Institutes and Smart Specialisation Institutes.


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