Approvals and Submission

 Our approvals and submission process

How do I submit my application?

You've finalised your proposal, and your budget is in place - what steps do you need to take to submit your application to the funder?

The first thing to remember is that all research grant applications (whether you are the lead or a co-investigator) require internal approval prior to submission the funder. The objective of the approvals process is to ensure the submission of high quality and financially sustainable bids in accordance with internal policies and standards and funder regulations.

Once all of the internal approvals are in place, the application can then be submitted to the funder. Most funders use electronic submission systems but sometimes applications are submitted by email.

If the submission systems requires the Research Office, Head of School, or anyone else, to submit a statement of approval or support for the application, make sure you leave plenty of time for this to be completed prior to the deadline.

Contact the Research Services team for more information.

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Find out more about the approvals and submission process:

Internal approvals

The Research Services Officer (RSO) coordinates the approval requests which are done by email. The request, which will need to include a final or a draft application and a final budget, should be sent a week before the submission deadline. All approvals should be secured at least three days before the submission deadline.

Please ensure that you have considered the approvals timeline while you are preparing your application and budget.

Approvals are required for all research grant applications, whether or not RHUL is the lead organisation. If you are a co-investigator on a research grant application, please inform R&I to ensure the approvals process is carried out prior to submission.


The approval request is sent to the following approvers, depending on the value of the application and whether additional resources are required.

Who is the approver?
Head of Department and Research & Innovation Head of School Deputy Principal
All grant applications
  1. Award value at or above £500,000
  2. Pricing exceptions (please see the Costing and Pricing Policy)
Cash or matched funding contribution required from the College

If the application includes an equipment request of over £10,000, the Technical Operations Manager (or equivalent) will be requested to assess any additional resource requirements as part of the approvals process.

Peer Review

Most departments expect peer review to have taken place before an application can be approved, but the exact practices vary. Please contact your departmental Director of Research for more details.


Submitting to the funder

How do I submit an application?

It is good practice to grant your RSO 'read and edit access' to your online application so that costs and supporting documents can be easily checked prior to submission.

Submission of the application will be completed by either the PI or the RSO, depending on the funder requirements. The guidance notes related to the scheme will detail the submission process for each call. Please ensure that you read the funder guidance carefully so that you are clear on the action required from you as the PI.

Most online application forms require authorisation by Research & Innovation following submission by the lead applicant; therefore, it is important to submit well in advance of the deadline to give your RSO time to authorise the application.

If the submission system requires the Research Office, Head of Department, or anyone else, to submit a statement or approval, please do make sure you leave plenty of time for this to be completed prior to the deadline.

For further detail about the recommended timeline for the application and submission process, see Preparation.


Funder systems

These are the most commonly used systems:

 Funder Website


British Academy

Royal Society
Wellcome Trust
Leverhulme Trust
European Union (including Horizon Europe and ERC)