Pure upgrade: December 2019

Pure will be upgraded on Wednesday 11th December 2019. There will be no access to Pure and the Pure profile pages between 16:00 on Tuesday 10th December and approximately 17:00 on Wednesday 11th December.

The new version will see a change to the Activities module. Users will now be able to restrict the visibility on Activities so that they are not visible on the Pure profile pages. This could be useful if reporting or accreditation requires all activities to be added to Pure but they are not required / wanted to be visible on the Portal profile pages.

New REF 2021 functionality will also be introduced, this is for UoA leads preparing the submissions. Updated REF guides for authors and UoA leads can be viewed at the REF 2021 page.

In June 2019, Pure introduced a new user interface which users will see when they access Pure. Users are able to toggle between the new and old interface. At some point in the future, information will be provided about when the old interface will cease to be available. Users are invited to try the new interface and give feedback.

A guide to the new interface is available here.

Questions / feedback can be sent to

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