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Research grant data in Pure


When you logon to Pure, it opens onto your personal overview screen. Your grants that have been added can be found in the Projects area (see below). You will notice that information about the latest grants has been entered into two categories, Projects and Application / Funding, in order to allow the same funding to be related to different projects and vice versa.

Basic information on current and research grants awarded from 2006 onwards has been uploaded into Pure. Research and Enterprise will update grants information periodically with basic information (available on the grant announcement) on your behalf, although you will have to add any additional information, such as associations with co-Investigators, description of the project and links to the project website.

Please make sure that you link the projects with any research outputs or activities that resulted the project. This will ensure that outcomes of the project can be easily identified and reported to the funding bodies.


To edit the project information, click on the title of a project. A new screen will open, where you can add any relevant information.

To add a co-investigator, go to the section Participants and click on the button Add person. You can search for people already in Pure, or create a new external person. Click on Edit opposite the person's name to specify their role in the project or add their organisation. You can also change the order in which people appear on the project by clicking on the Up and Down cursor arrow keys on the right. 

To link the project with related research outputs or activites, go to section Relations and add the relevant items.

Pure is a user-driven system and it has been configured in Royal Holloway to allow Personal users to edit any of the research output, project or activity information that has been added on their behalf. However, if you believe some of the basic grant information, such as the value or year of the award, is incorrect, please contact Pure support before editing it.

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