Students and supervision


All data about students in Pure is imported from Banner, the College's student records system. This includes each student's department and their affiliation with one or more supervisors. Please note that Pure is only supplied data about supervisors, and not people identified in Banner as advisors. As with data about staff, errors in student data need to be corrected at source - in this case in Banner - rather than directly in Pure. Pure receives updates from Banner on a daily basis.

If you find errors in Pure related to students you supervise, please contact your departmental administrator in the first instance to check that the Banner records are correct. If they are correct, please contact the Pure helpdesk at for assistance, copying in your departmental administrator.

Links between students, supervisors and departments

Students' affiliations to departments and supervisors are expressed in Pure as relations, each with a start and end date. So a student will have an affiliation to a department beginning when they enrol and ending when they leave Royal Holloway. As soon as a student leaves they will be flagged by Pure as a 'former student', but they will not be removed from the system, as Pure is designed over time to build up historic records of both staff and students. As well as a start and end-date for their departmental affiliation, a student will also have a start and end date for their affiliation with each individual supervisor. 

Why are some of my former students not in Pure?

We have imported data into Pure relating to individuals who were enrolled as students in the 2007-8 academic year and afterwards. Historic data going back further than this proved impractical to include for technical reasons, but you are of course free to mention specific former students in the free-text section of your Pure profile.

Contact details

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