Submitting an e-thesis in Pure


Pure is the College’s research information system. For the PhD degree to be awarded, an electronic version of the thesis must be deposited into Pure.

Before submitting the e-thesis to Pure

  1. Read through the guide to understand what will need to be done
  2. Consider if an embargo needs to be placed on the e-thesis and read the instructions on page 6 of the guide
  3. Consider the copyright of any material within the thesis where the copyright is owned by a third party. For more information, please read the information on the Copyright for e-theses page. 

Guide to submitting PhD theses

For detailed step by step information on how to submit the e-thesis, please read the Guide on how to submit an e-thesis in Pure. 

Log in to Pure  using the usual College username and password.

If there are any questions about requesting an embargo period for the thesis, please consult the E-Thesis Submission Policy

After submitting the e-thesis

After records and files are added to Pure, checks take place on a monthly basis by the Research Degrees Team and by the Research Support Team, Library Services. The Library staff will add the award date. The record will then be made visible and the file(s) will also be made Open Access depending on whether Open or Embargoed was selected.

Please note that access will be lost to the Pure account once the degree is awarded (shortly after submitting the thesis). Afterwards, the Pure profile will still be displayed on the website and the status will be shown as 'Former student'. The information on the Pure profile can not be changed after leaving the College. Therefore, please make any changes to the Pure profile before uploading the thesis onto Pure.

Contact information

For general Pure enquiries, please email pure@royalholloway.ac.uk.

For enquiries about copyright or applying embargo periods for PhD theses, please contact openaccess@royalholloway.ac.uk.

Information on the academic processes is available via the following links:

Research degree regulations

Entry form and information for submission of theses

Updated in November 2017


Copyright for theses