Researchers responsibilities


Researchers Responsiblities

‘These core elements of research integrity apply to all aspects of research, including the preparation and submission of grant and project proposals, the publication and dissemination of findings, and the provision of expert review on the proposals or publications of others.’

The Concordat to Support Research Integrity (2019 edition)

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The PI statement of responsibilities further outlines the responsibilities of the Principal Investigator for externa;;y funded research projects, however many of these responsibilities also extend to research that is not externally funded.


To have read and understood the Dignity at Work policy and relevant funder policies related to bullying and harassment.


To have read and understood the Code of  Good Research Practice.


To ensure that appropriate colleagues are informed of any significant changes to the project, such as budget changes and project dates.


To ensure that data collated as part of this activity will be used and stored in line with research data management policy and national legislation.


To have read and understood the research ethics policy, ensuring that you will obtain approval before the start of the research activity.

Mentoring/staff development

To ensure that appropriate career management guidance is given to all members of staff employed under this grant, including adhering to the Concordat to Support the Career development of Researchers and College guidelines.

Human Resources

To comply with HR procedures for the recruitment of staff to work on the project.

Project Management

To monitor the performance of the project including any collaborators and subcontractors on the project.


To comply with the College’s procurement procedures for purchasing goods and services for the project.


To keep records of receipts, invoices, expenses claims, credit card purchases and procurement processes related to the project for audit purposes for up to 3 years after the project end date.