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Major funder polices on Research Data Management

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HEFCE is one of four organisations which wrote and published the UK Concordat on Open Research Data.

This Concordat states that data should be open wherever possible and that data supporting publications should be accessible by the publication date in a citeable form.

HEFCE will be considering how to reward open data as part of future REF assessments (p.25)

Concordat on Open Research Data


 REF Consultation

April 2017
Research Councils UK

‘Publicly funded research data are a public good, produced in the public interest, which should be made openly available with as few restrictions as possible in a timely and responsible manner.’

RCUK is one of four organisations which wrote and published the UK Concordat on Open Research Data.

Data Policy



April 2017
AHRC In addition to abiding by the RCUK Common Principles on Data, ‘Grant holders in all areas must make any significant electronic resources or datasets created…available in accessible and appropriate depository for at least three years after the end of their grant.’

Statement on Data Sharing

April 2017

All grant holders must make their research data available with as few restrictions as possible.

Data must be stored in a repository for 10 years.

‘Grantholders are requested to capture and record data sharing activities…in the appropriate places on ResearchFish. Adherence to the proposed data management strategies set out in a funded proposal will be monitored through this mechanism.’ 

Data Sharing Policy April 2017

Open Research Data is the default option from 2017 and all projects will be required to create a data management plan. 

All research projects included in the Open Research Data Pilot must: 

  • Provide a data management plan within the first six months of the project
  • Deposit all research data in a repository
  • Make sure that the data is as open as possible ‘to enable third parties to access, mine, exploit, reproduce and disseminate…this research data
Guidelines on Open Research Data April 2017

EPSRC require:

‘…appropriately structured metadata describing the research data they hold is published (normally within 12 months of the data being generated) and made freely accessible on the internet; in each case the metadata must be sufficient to allow others to understand what research data exists, why, when and how it was generated, and how to access it.’

‘Where access to the data is restricted the published metadata should also give the reason and summarise the conditions which must be satisfied for access to be granted.’

‘…research data is securely preserved for a minimum of 10 years from the date that any researcher ‘privileged access’ period expires or, if others have accessed the data, from last date on which access to the data was requested by a third party; all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that publicly-funded data is not held in any jurisdiction where the available legal safeguards provide lower levels of protection than are available in the UK.’

Expectations on Data Management

Clarification on Expectations

April 2017

Research data is expected to be deposited with the UK Data Service (the approved repository) within three months of the grant ending.

The ESRC reserves the right to apply sanctions if data have not been deposited for archiving to the required standard within three months of the end of the grant

Research Data Policy

Data Sharing Guidance

April 2017
Leverhulme Trust The trust has no research data policy but encourages open research data. April 2017

Data needs to be submitted to a NERC Data centre within two years of the end data collection.

‘Those who do not meet the data management requirements…face being sanctioned by NERC and risk having award payments withheld or becoming ineligible for future funding.’

Data Policy



April 2017
Royal Society

‘To allow others to verify and build on the work published in Royal Society journals, it is a condition of publication that authors make available the data, code and research materials supporting the results in the article.

Datasets and code should be deposited in an appropriate, recognised, publicly available repository. Where no data-specific repository exists, authors should deposit their datasets in a general repository such as Dryad or Figshare.’
Policy April 2017

‘Data resulting from publicly funded research should be made publicly available after a limited period, unless there are specific reasons (e.g. legislation, ethical, privacy and security) why this should not happen.’

Research data supporting publications should be made available within 6 months of the publication date.

Research data should be retained for at least 10 years from the completion of the project.

‘For data that by their nature cannot be re-measured (e.g. earth observations), effort should be made to retain them ‘in perpetuity’
Data Policy April 2017
Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust is one of four organisations which wrote and published the UK Concordat on Open Research Data.

‘The Wellcome Trust expects all of its funded researchers to maximise the availability of research data with as few restrictions as possible.’
Data Management and Sharing Policy April 2017

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