Policies and Guidance

The College has a Research Data Management policy by which all staff must abide. Many research funders also have data management policies. 

'Openness implies more than disclosure of data. All those engaged with research have a responsibility to ensure the data they gather and generate is properly managed, and made accessible, intelligible, assessable and usable by others unless there are legitimate reasons to the contrary.' — Concordat on Research Data, HEFCE/RCUK/UUK/Wellcome, 2016

Research Councils UK:    pdf icon_small  Concordat on Open Research Data

The College's policy was amended in October 2018:

pdf icon_small  Royal Holloway Research Data Management Policy


pdf icon_small  Code of Good Research Practice


Open research data is considered the next phase in the UK’s open science ambitions.  For research-intensive universities, providing free access to research outputs is critical to our success. The right system can act as an effective showcase, fostering interest and excitement in research across society in general. This transparency means that not only is our research easier to discover by those with a specialist interest, it is also easier for anyone to build on, leading to greater impact, and easier to scrutinise, leading to greater trust.

Within this context, a number of large funders and publishers expect data to be made widely open, especially when it is publicly funded.


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