Before you deposit your data in the data repository please ensure that you have:

Depositing in the data repository is a very easy process:

  1. Log into the data repository using your University email address and your University username and password.
  2. Click on "Create a new item".
  3. Complete the metadata fields with as much detail as you can.
  4. If you know the DOI of the related article please include this in the "References" field.
  5. Either upload or drag and drag your files onto the record.
  6. If your data has to be embargoed please add a reason for the embargo - this will appear on the record. You can embargo either the whole record (i.e. neither the metadata or associated files will be visible) or just the data file(s) (i.e. the metadata will visible but the associated file(s) will be hidden).
  7. To send the record (and data) for curation click on "Publish this item", then on "Publish item", and then click "Yes publish". We have included these extra steps to reduce the chance of data being published by mistake.
  8. Data Repository staff will check your deposit and you will receive an email when the record is published.

For help and advice on depositing in the repository please contact