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Ethical Issues


Depending on the type of data you are collecting there may be ethical implications, you will have to follow our internal ethics procedure even if your funder requires you to complete an external ethical procedure. 

Applications to the College Ethics committee will normally take place once the grant has been awarded. However it is important to consider the ethical implications of your project when writing the application. When writing your data management plan take time to consider the data itself, to ascertain whether or not there will be any ethical implications with the data itself or the participants.

If you are planning to use the College’s Dropbox Business service to store data relating to human participants you must explicitly gain their consent to do so. 

You must also gain consent if you intend to share this data beyond your own research project. We would suggest that you include a statement that anonymised data will be submitted to your particular archive in accordance to funding terms and conditions and may be reused.

You may also wish to include your own terms and conditions with regards to who can re-use your data, for example limiting its use to non-commercial, research and teaching activities (see the Licensing Research Data for further information). The UK Data Archive provides information and examples of information sheets and consent forms.

College Ethics Review 

Online Ethics Review System