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Research Data Repositories

Where to store your research data for the long term 

What do we mean by a data archive? A place to securely hold digital research materials (data) of any sort along with documentation that helps explain what they are and how to use them (metadata).  

We strongly advise you to archive research data into a data repository or data centre to ensure safe data storage and long term preservation.

From October 2017 it will be possible to deposit your data with Royal Holloway Figshare Data Archive. Data deposited within Royal Holloway's Figshare will be preserved for a minimum of 10 years.

Not all data can or should be made publicly accessible. It is important that you are aware of any legal or ethical issues which might affect your ability to make the data publicly accessible. Royal Holloway's Data Management Policy provides the College’s classification of data and is needed for completing the Security Self-Assessment.

When choosing the most appropriate repository for your data, consider any relevant funder's requirements, the type of data you want to deposit, and the best practice in your subject field.

Several research funders maintain designated data centres: 

If you are planning to deposit data in one of these repositories, make sure you are familiar with their guidelines on expected data formats and additional documentation.

There is an increasing number of subject repositories being established such as Dryad (life sciences).

There are also public repositories where anyone can deposit data such as Zenodo.

More information about research data repositories is available on the Registry of Research Data Repositories.


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