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Storing Research Data


Dropbox Business 

The College provides Dropbox Business to researchers to enable them to manage their research data. Please contact the IT Service Desk if you would like access to the College’s Dropbox service. The use of this service is subject to its Terms of Use.

Additional IT Offering

Each member of staff has 50GB of space assigned on the :Y Drive. Team drives (:N drives) are currently set to 10TB. If you require further storage space, please contact the IT Service Desk. The :Y Drive and :N Drive are regularly backed up to College servers. Both drives can be reached from anywhere

Other Types of Data Storage

We do not recommend that USB sticks, external hard drives, local storage on PCs and laptops be used for storage as they can fail resulting in loss of data. It is the responsibility of all researchers to use a suitable storage medium such as those provided by the College. 

For details about long term data storage, please see the Research Data Repositories page.