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Academic Quality and Policy Manual


The College's regulatory and quality assurance framework is administered by the Academic Quality and Policy Office  in the Student and Academic Services Directorate. 

The College's Academic Quality and Policy Manual sets out this framework. 


Chapter one

The College's regulatory and quality framework

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Chapter two

Qualifications and Credit Framework



Chapter three



Chapter four

Annual review



Chapter five

Periodic departmental review


Chapter six

External examining

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Chapter seven

Academic Partnerships Framework

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 Useful links

UK Quality Code

The Quality Code is a key reference point for UK higher education, protecting the public and student interest, and championing UK higher education's world-leading reputation for quality. It enables providers to understand what is expected of them and what to expect from each other. The Quality Code is based on a number of elements that together provide a reference point for effective quality assurance: Expectations for quality and standards; Core and common practices which underpin the delivery of the expectations; and Advice and Guidance.

Expectations and practices for standards


Expectations for and practices for quality


Advice and Guidance on the following 12 themes:  Admissions, recruitment and widening access; Enabling student achievement; Course design and development; Assessment; Learning and Teaching; Monitoring and evaluation; External expertise; Concerns, complaints and appeals; Student engagement; Partnerships; Research Degrees; and Work-based Learning



Key Reference Points


1. Qualifications and credit frameworks

The Frameworks for HE Qualifications of UK Degree-awarding Bodies

Higher education credit framework for England

2. Subject Benchmark statements

3. Supporting resources

Characteristics statements, e.g. Doctoral degrees; Master’s degrees; Higher Education in Apprenticeships and Foundation Degree.

Other resources, e.g. Explaining contact hours; Plagiarism in higher education - custom essay writing services; Contracting to cheat in higher education