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Academic Regulations


The Academic Quality and Policy Office is responsible for the management and updating of the regulations, policies and advice on the application of these to academic and administrative staff in the College.

On annual enrolment to a programme of study, students sign up to the Academic regulations and associated policies for that year. Where amendments to the academic regulations would be of advantage to students, these would apply immediately to all  students, regardless of year of entry.  In all other cases the regulations will stipulate the year of entry that the regulation begins to take effect. Programme specific regulations which apply to students are those which were in the place when the students first signed up to a programme of study

In May each academic year the College publishes the academic regulations for the following academic year and it is these that students sign up to when they enrol. In addition to the regulations for the coming year, the Academic Quality and Policy Office publishes summaries of relevant changes which have been made to the regulations.

Regulations for 2022-23

For a full list of academic regulations for 2022-23 please click here. Click the links on the right hand side of the page for Summaries of changes for 2022-23 entry.

Regulations for 2021-22 and previous academic years

To access regulations from 2021-22 and previous academic years please click here

Summaries of changes for 2022-23