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Curriculum Advising and Programme Planning


What is CAPP?

CAPP (Curriculum Advising and Programme Planning) is part of Banner and holds College’s definitive record of curriculum data across its academic departments.  It details degree course (programme) structures including mandatory and optional modules (courses) and any associated rules for taught degrees offered by College.

Why is CAPP so important?

CAPP forms the basis of various important processes across College, including:

  • Informing Timetabling
  • Informing the mandatory registration scripts which ensure students are correctly registered on the correct mandatory modules for their programme of study
  • Informing the Mark Management System
  • Informs the information given to prospective students about their degree course (essentially the mandatory modules) as part of our legal obligation under CMA (Competition and Market Authority) rules


How can I view my CAPP Report? 


Administrative staff can download CAPP reports from Infoview.

Progs, Courses and Registrations folder:

  • CAPP_Full_Programme_Structure
  • CAPP_Full_Programme_Structure_by_Programme

CAPP uses the following terminology:


  • the degree course being offered


  • the stages within the course i.e. Year 1, 2, 3 etc. 
  • note: a different colour is used for each stage in the report


  • these are a collection of mandatory and/or optional modules                                       
  • note: each area must have at least one group
  • note: a Joint Honours degree will have more than one group (one for each department)


  • are located within groups and determine the number of credits to be taken from a basket of options        

The briefing slides with further information on the CAPP process can be viewed here.

Any queries can be directed to the AQPO email box