External Examining


External Examiners play a key role in the College’s quality assurance and enhancement processes as set out in Section 6 of the Regulations on the Conduct of Assessment. They are primarily responsible for

  • Ensuring that the standards set for the awards made by Royal Holloway, University of London, or Royal Holloway and Bedford New College are appropriate for qualifications at the level set for the relevant subject;
  • Confirming that the standards of student performance are comparable with those for similar programmes or subjects in other UK institutions
  • Confirming that the processes for assessment and examination were conducted soundly and fairly;
  • Advising departments on ways in which the academic provision for and assessment of students can be enhanced.

Please navigate to the relevant chapters in the College's Academic Quality and Policy Manual for more information on the following: 

  • Appointment and Induction
  • Nominations of External Examiners
  • Specific Duties and Responsibilities
  • College Regulations, Policies and Assessment Guidance
  • Department Specific Programme and Assessment Information
  • External Examiner Reports
  • External Examiner Responses - Departmental and Institutional
  • Claiming External Examiner Fees and Expenses
  • Summary of Key College Regulations


Deadline for submission of External Examiner Reports: External Examiners are expected to complete the External Examiner Report Form within 3 weeks of the main meeting of the Department Assesment Board  (June for undergraduate programmes and the Autumn term for postgraduate programmes) (Regulations on the Conduct of Assessment, Section 6 (5e).

Undergraduate provision: Mid-July 2022 for 2021-22 cycle

Postgraduate taught provision: Autumn term 2022 depending on date of Department Assessment Board for 21-22 cycle.

The online form along with guidance on how to complete it is available here


Helpful Contacts

Queries about External Examiner Appointments: 

Payroll Queries:

Pension Scheme Automatic Enrolment Queries:

The following website has an FAQs section relating to Pension Scheme Automatic Enrolment that you may also find helpful:


Academic Quality and Policy Manual Chapter 6: External Examining

Take a look at this chapter in the College's Academic Quality and Policy Manual, which explains what you need to know about External Examining


National Guidance

The following national guidance is available to External Examiners: 

Quality Assurance Agency: Key Reference Points

Quality Assurance Agency Adivce and Guidance: External Expertise

The Higher Education Academy: A handbook for external examining


External Examiner Forms

The forms for External Examiners can be found here.


Briefing Session

The slides from the EE appointments briefing session can be found here.


Key Regulations

UG regulations for External Examiners

PGT regulations for External Examiners


Guidelines for Examiners & Assessors

Guidelines for Examiners and Assessors

Summary of changes


External Examiner Fee Bandings

External Examiners are paid in accordance with the Fee Bandings shown here.