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The Academic Quality and Policy Office (AQPO) is responsible for a broad range of activities including academic quality assurance and enhancement of academic provision (annual review, Periodic Departmental Reviews, and validation), curriculum data management (setting up new and amended course units and programmes on Banner and maintaining CAPP (Curriculum Advising and Programme Planning), which drives the mark management and timetabling systems, academic regulatory and policy support, and servicing the key academic governance committees at Faculty and College level.

The Head of the Office manages a team of Assistant Registrars aligned to each faculty, who work closely with the Deans and Associate Deans (Education) of these faculties and a team of Academic Quality Officers, who support the work of the Assistant Registrars. More generally, the team is supported by an Administration Officer from the Academic Services Directorate Administration team and is responsible for all matters relating to External Examiners for taught provision.

 The Academic Quality and Policy Office also includes an Assistant Registrar (Partnerships), who supports College partnership initiatives such as delivering programmes abroad, articulation agreements with institutions abroad and validated programmes delivered by other providers. More recently, the team has taken over responsibility for study abroad and international exchange agreements.

Contact details:

Head of Academic Quality and Policy Office 

Marina Beck, (ext. 4949)

  • Responsible for providing strategic leadership for the Academic Quality and Policy Office;
  • Works closely with the Senior Vice Principal (Academic) and the Vice Principal (Quality and Standards) contributing to the development of policy and academic regulations in relation to the academic provision for all students, the quality assurance and enhancement of such provision and the implementation of relevant objectives in the College’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Plan;
  • Provides support to the Senior Vice Principal (Academic planning and resources) on the development and quality assurance oversight of collaborative provision.

Senior Academic Quality Managers

  • Operation of all faculty-based quality assurance processes (programme validation and annual review) and secretaries to Periodic Departmental Review Panels.
  • Secretaries to the Faculty Boards, the Faculty Teaching Committees and the College Boards of Examiners.
  • Secretarial support and advice to the Collaborative Provisions Committee, Research Degrees Programmes Committee and the Director of Graduate Studies Forum;
  • Guidance and advice on College policy and regulatory matters.

Clare Munton, Assistant Registrar: Science (ext. 4934)

Noreen Naughton, Assistant Registrar: Management, Economics and Law (ext. 3357)

Sarah Sanders, Assistant Registrar: Arts and Social Science (ext. 3986)

Phil Taylor, Assistant Registrar: Partnerships (ext. 3973)

Academic Quality Officers

  • Support and guidance for all quality assurance processes and maintenance of associated records, including validation, annual review and periodic departmental reviews.
  • Provision and maintenance of teaching quality information.
  • Servicing College and Faculty level committees, boards and working groups.
  • Maintenance of the Academic Quality and Policy Office web pages.
  • Oversight of External Examiners appointments.

John Hill, Academic Quality Officer (ext. 6166)

Debby Salsbury, Academic Quality Officer (ext. 6650)

Gee-May Tang, Academic Quality Officer (ext. 4499) [Tuesday to Friday 8.30am -2.15pm school term time and Wednesday to Friday 8.30am to 4.15pm non term time ]

Academic Partnerships Officer

  • Supports study abroad and international exchange arrangements in the College. 

 Sofia Mason, Academic Partnerships Officer (ext. 4699)

Administrative Officer

  • Supports the External Examining and Annual Review process.
  • Provides administrative support to the AQPO team.

Daniel Green, Administrative Officer (ext. 3958)



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