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Periodic Departmental Review


With effect from 2019 the College will no longer schedule routine 5/6 yearly periodic reviews of taught provision in departments.  However, the College may decide to hold a review of taught provision in a department as a development activity to support the enhancement of provision if concerns are raised over issues such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • NSS/ PGT survey or other survey scores, e.g. declining scores, continued low scores;
  • Negatively flagged TEF scores;
  • Increase in student complaints about academic provision.

An Executive Dean can request a review of a department in their School to support enhancement.

The College will continue to routinely hold reviews of University of London Distance learning provision where Royal Holloway is responsible for the academic direction of provision.

The Doctoral School will be responsible for arranging the Periodic Departmental Review of the College’s research provision.

For further details of the review of taught provision please see Chapter 5 of the College's Academic Quality and Policy Manual.

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