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Periodic Departmental Review

Academic departments at our College, and partners involved with collaborative programmes, undergo a formal review approximately every five to six years. This page shares everything you need to know about the process.

Academic departments at Royal Holloway, and partners involved with collaborative programmes, undergo a formal review approximately every five to six years (or before the end of the institutional contract with a third party, for collaborative provision). The purpose of the review is:

  • to supplement the annual review process by performing a reasonable test of its effectiveness in each department and faculty, and by creating a periodic opportunity for more fundamental scrutiny of departmental taught provision for students, using external expertise to recognise, and identify opportunities for, enhancement;
  • to test and explore the implementation of institutional policy and strategy in departments;
  • to gather evidence in order for the College to assure itself of the academic standard and quality of the taught programmes and learning environment;
  • to relate current and future plans for teaching, learning and assessment in the department to the College’s strategic planning process 

The current review process covers academic provision for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students in the department, including those on collaborative, distance-learning and international programmes of the University of London. Areas of scrutiny broadly include curriculum design, delivery and assessment; the management of teaching at departmental level; teaching qualifications and teaching-related CPD of academic staff; learning resources and support and arrangements for the review and enhancement of provision. The review does not take account of staff research activity per se except inasmuch as this has bearing on the development of a departmental research culture, of which research students are necessarily a part. Similarly, departmental planning is considered only in the context of student provision.

The review of postgraduate research provision follows a theme-based approach.

For full details of the review of taught and research provision please see click on chapter 5 of the Academic Quality and Policy Manual for full details on two types of periodic review processes.

Academic Quality and Policy Manual Chapter 5: Periodic Review Process

Take a look at this chapter in the College's Academic Quality and Policy Manual, which explains what you need to know about the periodic review process for taught and research provision.

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