External Examiner Nominations

External Examiner Nominations - guidance and forms

Processing the Nomination

Nominations for new External Examiners can be submitted throughout the year, but the majority are processed around the start of the academic year. As per the Regulations on the Conduct of Assessment, External Examiners are normally appointed for a 4 year term by the College.

Nominations should be submitted from either the Chair of Sub-board, Deputy Chair of Sub-board or Department/School Manager. Nominations must include the completed Nomination Form and a Short CV for the potential External Examiner. All sections on the Nomination Form and Short CV must be completed, as it helps to avoid any delays in the appointment process.

Please make sure the Sub-board has been clearly specified and the Nomination Form has been signed and dated by the Chair. If the Chair’s name has simply been typed, please make sure the Chair’s confirmation of their acceptance of the Nomination is also submitted by way of an email confirmation.

The External Examiner nomination template documents can be found below.

Further guidance on nominations; the criteria for prospective External Examiners; and associations that are not allowed for External Examiner appointments; can be found in the College’s Regulations on the Conduct of Assessment found here:

Please note: submitting a nomination does not mean the External Examiner has been appointed. All nominations must be formally approved by the Faculty Dean on behalf of the College Board of Examiners’ Executive Committee (CBEEC) and departments will be duly informed once the decision has been made.



Exceptional 5th year term

External Examiners are normally appointed for 4 years, and only in exceptional circumstances can an External Examiner stay for a 5th and final year. This can be in circumstances whereby the programme has been withdrawn, but departments need an External Examiner to moderate some re-sit students and to see the programme out. It therefore would not make sense to go through the whole appointment process to appoint a new External Examiner for one year, so departments can request to keep the existing External Examiner on.

If a department wishes to keep the External Examiner on for a 5th exceptional year, then the nomination must be approved by the Faculty Dean/CBEEC. The nomination will be processed as per any other nomination request, with the exception that the memo to the Faculty Dean will need to clearly explain the department’s reasons for wanting to keep the External Examiner on.

Please note: AQPO cannot advise whether these 5th exceptional year nominations will be approved as this is the decision of the Faculty Dean/CBEEC.


External Examiner Nomination Form - UG

Form for nomination of a new Undergraduate External Examiner


External Examiner Nomination Form - PGT

Form for nomination of a new Postgraduate Taught External Examiner


Short CV

To be submitted with External Examiner Nomination Forms