This site is for members of staff who seek to realise the benefits of learning technologies in the blended delivery, assessment, and administration of their courses. While we use the term E-Learning, this is interchangeable with Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), Digital Learning, or Online Learning. 

E-Learning can be described as learning activities facilitated and supported through the use of a broad range of information and communication technologies. Examples include:

  • discussion fora to build confidence, develop writing skills, encourage deeper approaches to learning, to extend and support full participation in discussions, and in support of group project work
  • online submission of assignments to check against plagiarism and collusion
  • online marking of assignments to facilitate the rapid turnaround  and timely receipt of feedback
  • online assessment; both formative and summative
  • gathering of student feedback and 'feed-forward' through the use of voting, survey and discussion tools
  • leveraging personal technology (smart phones, tablets, laptops) or 'Clickers' in class to test and address understanding, interact easily, and respond to student feedback
  • recording and making available for review lecture content, including slides and audio
  • allowing students to record and upload presentations with their own devices
  • diversifying reading lists by inviting cohorts to create them online

The technologies used include:

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