Moodle 2019: Course presentation


Moodle was upgraded on July 11. This was necessary to further increase the reliability, stability and security of the service.  The upgrade also provided the opportunity to make some changes to course presentation, with a focus on accessibility.

This page provides an overview of the changes.

My Course dashboard

The My Course dashboard has been redesigned to provide users with increased control and improved navigation of their courses.

The Course Overview block is much improved and offers a variety of views and filters.  Favoured courses can be starred for easy access.

The Timeline provides students with an overview of course-based activities such as quizzes and coursework submision dates.  This is now in a much more prominent postion, and students can filter deadlines by course and date. 

Find out more about changes to the My Course dashboard

Activities block

While not a new feature, the Activities block has now been added to EVERY Moodle course page.

The Activities block lists and allows navigation between the different activities available in a Moodle course (Quizzes, Forums,Turnitin, etc.). 

Whenever a different activity  is added to a course, an icon will appear in the block representing that specific type of activity. These icons will link to a list of all instances of that activity that appear throughout the course.

Screenshot of Moodle Activities Block

This makes it easier and quicker for course editors, colleagues and students to locate activities, for example Turnitin inboxes.

Accessibility checker

One of the tools available in the text editor is an automated accessibility checker which checks for some common errors in the text. These are usually things in the way the text is constructed that can prevent all users from having equal access to information and functionality.

The list of problems that the accessibility checker looks for is:

  • Images with missing or empty alt text (unless they have the presentation role)
  • Contrast of font colour and background colour meets WCAG AA guidelines
  • Long blocks of text are sufficiently broken up into headings
  • All tables require captions
  • Tables should not contain merged cells as they are difficult to navigate with screen readers
  • All tables should contain row or column headers


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