Moodle 2019: Improvements


Moodle was upgraded on July 11. This was necessary to further increase the reliability, stability and security of the service.  The upgrade also delivered a number of improvements for editors and administrators.

This page provides an overview of the improvements.

Activity chooser

Building Moodle courses has been simplified.  Instead of two drop-down lists of resources and activities, editors can now see all the available options within a single window.  Each content type is listed and described, with links to additional information where necessary.

At the bottom of each topic or week in a course there is a new link:

Screenshot of the Moodle Add an activity or resource link

Clicking the link opens up the activity chooser:

Screenshot of the Moodle Activity Chooser interface

Editors simply choose the activity they wish to use and click the add button.


In previous versions of Moodle, the Messaging tool allowed users to communicate with each other and teachers to communicate with all the students in a course.

Moodle now provides the following enhancements to the Messaging facility:

  • Control over who can message you
  • New messaging interface
  • Group messaging - when a  creates a group in a course they can now choose to enable messaging to the members of that group
  • Starring, to highlight important messages
  • Better contact management



Quiz statistics

The quiz statistics report may be viewed by clicking on the quiz and accessing Results > Statistics from the Administration block.

The latest updates to the Quiz Statistics Report in Moodle 3.6 specifically focus on the response statistics of randomized questions. Quiz editors and administrators can now view response statistics for quiz questions deployed from a pool of randomised questions easily, regardless of the total number of randomised questions within the quiz.

Drag-and-drop image quiz question

The drag-and-drop image quiz question in Moodle, which allows allows students to drag words, images or both from a list and drop them into pre-defined gaps on a base image has been improved.

The drag and drop markers question’s editing interface previously relied on the use of a grid and co-ordinates which allowed question builders to accurately define the drop zone for any marker. Thanks to a handy interface update, this is now significantly simpler.

Editors can now select for each marker a choice of customisable circle, rectangle or polygon which will be added straight onto the image preview and can then be repositioned, reshaped and resized with just the click of a mouse. This will save significant editing time and will allow for greater precision when creating such questions.


For those who prefer to utilise just a keyboard and don’t want to take advantage of the new clickable interface, co-ordinates can still be utilised to specify the marker location as needed.

Quiz question tagging

Questions within the question bank can now be tagged. This not only keeps things organised as the question bank can be filtered by any tag, but it also promotes ease of randomisation within quizzes by allowing editors to insert random questions based on any tag that is searched. Thematic quiz building has never been easier.



  • Improved organisation and structure for course authors using the questionbank
  • Easier and more specific randomisation of questionsis now possible
  • Faster searching of large question banks


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