Moodle 2019: New Tools


Moodle was upgraded on July 11. This was necessary to further increase the reliability, stability and security of the service.  The upgrade also delivered numerous user-led additions to the service.

The E-Learning Team and IT Services added new tools to Moodle, the majority of which were requested by staff and students.  This page provides an overview of these new tools, and presents them thematically.



H5P makes it easy to create, share and reuse rich and interactive HTML5 content. Linking it with Moodle allows academic staff to produce formative and summative assessment activities, as well as dynamic presentations, and to track and report on engagement and achievement.

Requested by: E-Learning Team; Library; CeDAS; School of Management

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Audio and Video recording from the toolbar

Course Editors can now record audio and video clips in Moodle with ease using the standard HTML editor.  The audio and video recording tools are available wherever the text editor is used; labels, quiz questions, forum posts, assignment introductions.

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Add RePlay content tool

Course Editors can deploy new or existing RePlay video content in Moodle with ease using a new addition to the standard HTML editor.  The Add RePlay content button is now available wherever the text editor is used; labels, quiz questions, forum posts, assignment introductions.

Requested by: E-Learning Team; School of Management

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Engagement & Collaboration

Group Choice

The Group Choice tool allows students to select their own Moodle groups.

The course editor can specify which of the course’s groups are available for student selection and how many students may enrol in each available group. This allows learners to opt into groups to see content based on their own preferences or could be used to self-select teams for group projects on a first come first served basis.

Requested by: E-Learning Team; History Department

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Adobe Connect

This is a limited rollout of virtual classrooms via Moodle.  Linking the service with Moodle provides seamless sign-on and effective management of sessions and resources. The Library and the Educational Development teams will pilot and evaluate the use of this technology.

Requested by: Educational Development Centre and the Library

Custom Certificate

The Custom Certificate enables the design and creation of printable digitial certificates. These can then be awarded to students upon completing a course, demonstrating a skill, or acheiving a required standard in an assessment.

Requested by: The Students Union, the Equality & Diversity Team and the E-Learning Team

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Global Search

In previous versions of Moodle, the search tool allowed users to search only for courses by code or title.  The newly implemented Global Search tool lets Moodle users search the Moodle site wherever they have access.

With Global Search, a student can easily search their courses for particular lecture notes; while an academic with a faculty-level pedagogic leadership role can quickly access content and activities in courses offered by their schools.

Requested by: The School of Biological Sciences and the E-Learning Team

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The new Moodle Scheduler streamlines the administration of meetings with students.

Similar to the Choice activity which is often used for this purpose, academic staff can specify time slots for meetings, and invite students to choose one of them on Moodle. The Scheduler offers far greater administrative and engagement benefits, such as group and multiple meetings, while also reporting on student engagement and attendance.

Requested by: The School of Management and The Doctoral School.

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Access to external content

Pearson & McGraw Hill

Students in Economics will be able to access Pearson & McGraw Hill materials directly from their Moodle courses.  This requires no further log-in, while engagment and achievement on these 3rd party sites is recorded in Moodle.

Requested by: The School of Economics

* These tools are subject to further development work


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