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Moodle Upgrade Summer 2018

In brief

  • Moodle will be upgraded from version 2.7 to 3.4
  • Moodle will be hosted externally
  • The scheduled go-live date for our new Moodle is Monday August 20th
  • The Moodle community at Royal Holloway will be kept full informed throughout the process

Why are we upgrading Moodle and hosting externally?

College strategy

To ensure Moodle supports the College’s strategy. This project aligns directly with the strategic Theme 2 “Our Education”, underpinning the key aims: “Inspire and educate using the latest learning technologies and e-resources” and “Make inspired use of learning technologies and e-resources”.

Fitness for purpose

To deliver, maintain and develop a robust, reliable and state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in which students, academics and administrators have the confidence to invest systematically and innovate creatively.

Management & administration

To ensure the VLE, and key system processes (course rollover, archiving, user enrolments and backups) can be developed, delivered, maintained and fully supported on a resilient, secure and cost-effective infrastructure.


To ensure ongoing compatibility with integrated e-learning services (Turnitin, Panopto/RePlay and TurningPoint/ ResponseWare)


To support College compliance with GDPR through an upgraded version of Moodle


While the foci of the upgrade and re-hosting are reliability, stability and security, Moodle 3.4 offers a number of improvements.  These include many that have been requested by the academic community at Royal Holloway:

  • Improved icons and signposting – visibility of topics/resources/activities is clearer
  • Course recycle bin – to prevent accidental deletion of resources & activities
  • Auto-saving of entered text – to prevent loss of data while editing
  • Greater unity and consistency of the desktop and mobile user experience
  • The Choice activity allows learners to make multiple responses
  • The Forum activity now offers ‘pinned posts’ to highlight important information
  • The Assignment activity now supports annotation of submissions
  • Improved interface and workflow for Quiz building and editing
  • New Drag-and-Drop question type


 The E-Learning Team will continue to provide a rich blend of support:

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