Moodle Rollover 2019


Moodle Rollover Summer 2019

In brief

  • Moodle rollover is scheduled for Tuesday June 25
  • Only Banner courses are subject to rollover and archiving
  • 2018/19 courses will be moved and 2019/20 courses will be created


  • Rollover is the annual process during which courses are prepared for the new academic year
  • 2018/19 Banner courses will be rolled-over on Tuesday June 25 to create fresh copies for 2019/20 courses
  • Students will be removed from the newly created 2019/20 courses
  • Learning and assessment activities (quiz attempts, forum posts, assignment submissions and wiki entries) will be cleared of previous submissions in the newly created 19/20 courses
  • Turnitin inboxes will be deleted from the newly created 19/20 courses
  • Courses which do not conform to the Oct-Jun lifecycle (e.g., such as many of those delivered by Kaplan, CeDAS, International Study Centre, and academic support courses, etc.) will not be rolled-over, moved or changed in any way

Access to courses

Course editing

  • Any changes made to 2018/19 courses after Sunday June 23 will not be rolled-over to 2019/20 courses
  • 2019/20 courses can be edited after Wednesday June 26


  • Business objects reports will be unavailable for 18/19 Moodle courses until June 27


  • In early September, 2018/19 courses will be rendered 'read-only' and will become available only to those who administered, taught and studied them (subject to a live RHUL account)

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the E-Learning Team

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