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Moodle Rollover


Moodle Rollover Summer 2018


  • Rollover is the annual process during which courses are prepared for the new academic year
  • 17/18 Banner courses will be rolled-over on Friday July 13to create 18/19 courses
  • Students will be removed from the newly created courses; quiz attempts, forum posts, assignment submissions, wiki entries and Turnitin inboxes will be deleted
  • Courses which do not conform to the Oct-Jun lifecycle (e.g., such as many of those delivered by Kaplan, CeDAS, International Study Centre, etc.) will not be rolled-over or moved
  • There is no downtime associated with this work

Access to courses

  • 17/18 courses will continue to run at to allow for resits, submissions and resubmissions
  • Do not make changes to 17/18 courses after Friday July 13 as these will not be rolled over to 18/19 courses
  • 18/19 courses will be made available on the newly hosted and upgraded Moodle to staff on or shortly after Monday August 20
  • Early access to the upgraded Moodle platform to edit and build 18/19 courses can be arranged on request, subject to platform readiness, from Monday July 16


  • After Monday August 20 17/18 courses will be moved to another site.  This will allow for resits, submissions and resubmissions.  The URL will be circulated at this time.
  • In mid-September the 17/18 courses will be accessible to those who managed, taught and studied them for reference, but will no longer be editable. The exact timing of this is yet to be decided and communicated.

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